"They are married now – like really married," overheard at the reception.

Kristy and Kristen’s wedding was such a beautiful and simple affair, but so powerful. The gravity and the beauty of their vows really resonated, but what makes this video so wonderful is to see how perfect they are for each other. K&K got to kiss in front of the iconic Pike Place, declare their love at the Golden Gardens and get down at the Library Bar at the Alexis Hotel. We were also introduced to the concept of “La Hora Loca” – where party masks and favors are distributed amongst the guests to re-engergize the fun.

Celebrate Kitten and Lou - Facebook Love

Happy 1 year anniversary, Ladies. To the show busiest couple

Aaron and Chantel invited June Films to  Oregon to shoot their wedding. Their families gathered around them to make their day happen. Inspired by the Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris, Chantel created a magical day at the Oregon Garden Resort in Silverton. It also happens to be where Aaron grew up. This homecoming was full of sunshine, sweet kisses and a warm family. What a charming couple and a sheer delight to shoot!

Lisa + Pat Wedding (Fall City, WA)

Treehouse Point was a gorgeous backdrop for the union of two free-spirited souls. Lisa is from Europe and Pat is as American as you can get. So, how did these two meet? In Vietnam, of course.

All jokes aside, the details of this wedding were as beautiful and whimsical as the couple. From the details of the mixed-match China to the exquisite floral arrangement, not a single ounce of consideration was left behind. Lisa sparkled in a lovely dress (actually two) and Pat preened and pranced all over the dance floor. The Austrians came in full-force with their traditional dress, but the big showman of the day was their dog, Meatcliff, who proudly barked at the first kiss.

Isn’t it lovely to get lost in the woods?

Kim + Jeremy’s Wedding Jubilee (July 2013). A sparkling day topped off one of the most gorgeous weddings we have ever witnessed. Jeremy, a movie director and editor, married his bride, Kim, in old hollywood style. It was a gala full of champagne kisses, Art Deco attire, music, brilliant entertainment, flappers, tappers and delightful children.